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1.  CALIPERS have two large bolt(s) for the rear caliper.  One screws into the caliper bracket and is called the "pin bolt".  The other is the caliper brake stopper bolt, which screws into the swingarm.  These are separate pieces and not included in the caliper assembly price.  When you send us your calipers, they must be disassembled fully and you must send me just the large castings bodies and brackets with all parts removed.  You will need to reinstall these parts into the new chromed calipers.  If you're doing the bolt(s), then of course, we need them too.  We do offer a deal where you send us complete calipers and we disassemble them and re-assemble the new ones so that they are ready to reinstall on your bike. Our price for doing this is $45.00 per front caliper, $35.00 per rear caliper.

2.  RESERVOIR prices based upon being sent to me fully disassembled.  You will reuse your parts and re-assemble them upon arrival.  If you want us to disassemble and re-assemble them, add $35.00 per reservoir.  The raw assembly includes the casting only.  We remove and reinstall the site glass in all cases.  Raw price does not include the top, screws, mounting clamp, or bolts.  The full "assembly" does include all of those items ready to install on your handlebars.

3.  TRIPLE TREE prices are based upon you removing the stem and bearings and re-assembling them when you receive the newly chromed clamps.  If you wish to send the lower clamp to us still assembled, and have us remove the stem/bearings and reinstall it, please add $35.00 to the price of the lower clamp.

4.  FORKS are to be broken down and sent to us in pieces.  If you wish to send the complete forks set and have us tear down and re-assemble the forks, please add $125.00 to do this.  If you wish to add new progressive fork springs during the re-installation, add $65.00 for the springs.  No additional labor is charged to install the springs since forks are torn down for chroming.

5.  FINAL DRIVES must be fully and completely torn down to the raw casting for chroming.  We provide this service, if need be.  We can tear down and rebuild your unit after chroming.  All tolerances will be reset per spec including backlash and gear mesh.  When you get the unit back, all you will need to do is install and fill with fluid.  If you require this extra service, the up charge is $175.00, which includes a new pinion bearing.  If you are sending your final drive for polish or chroming, please drain all fluid from the unit.  Remove the plastic trim ring and seal the drive in a large baggy to keep it from leaking during its journey.  Leave the filler and drain installed and tightened, as well as leave the vent installed.  Clean any excess grease or fluid from the unit before packaging.  Vent and filler bolts are priced separately.
As with any project please plan ahead. No two projects are ever the same.
All turn around times are estimates only and can vary from order to order.

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